Walton Parish Council would like your involvement and assistance in creating a Neighbourhood Plan. A few years ago a Parish Plan was created and last year an independent housing need assessment was carried out – by building on these two projects it is possible to create a Neighbourhood Plan that, if adopted, will lawfully have to be taken into account by Mendip District Council whenever planning matters and applications are considered – it will have equal weight with the Mendip District Local Plan.

Over the coming months you may well receive questionnaires or invitations to events about the Neighbourhood Plan – Please try and take the time to attend and respond, especially if you have strong views regarding the future of Walton as a village & trying to both keep its uniqueness and improve its services and housing provision for future generations

  • Following on from the general feedback received at the annual meeting of the parish in May, it was agreed to submit an application for the area of the Neighbourhood Plan to be the entire Parish of Walton. This will facilitate the plan being able to take into account the current protected route of the potential bypass [due to its impact on potential housing land availability] and consider the best possible mitigation of the impact of the large housing development to the East of Walton. The driving criteria for the plan will remain as creating fully researched and documented proposals from, and informed by, residents of the Parish to maintain and improve all that makes Walton unique and a wonderful community to be part of.
  • If you have a BUSINESS within the Parish you will have received a short questionairre asking for information that will help us integrate your views and needs into any proposals drafted for the plan – in a test run this took only a couple of minutes to complete, we know you are busy and did not want to waste your precious time! – Thank you to those of you who completed and returned this to the Parish Council, the information held will be used solely to inform the Walton Neighbourhood Plan.
  • The plan will also be looking at village assets – what helps to make the Parish of Walton unique – we would like to know what your opinion is, what you think is important to the character of the Parish. This does not have to be a listed building, the local list can include things like the Pump at the junction of South Street and Main Street, the old village school, a stone bridge or an ancient gatepost. It is all about what YOU see as important.
  • Neighbourhood Plans CAN: Influence the design and character of development / Designate local green spaces that are important to the area / require additional infrastructure or facilities [such as play areas] in response to new development / earmark additional land for housing, employment or community facilities such as a youth centre or community hall / provide affordable housing
  • Neighbourhood Plans CANNOT: Reduce the number of houses allocated to an area in the local plan / Change permitted development rights [such as small house extensions, some change of use and installation of satelite dishes / Introduce traffic calming measures or weight limits / Alter the speed limit or traffic signage/ Tackle anti social behaviour such as dog fouling / Create rights of access to private land where it does not currently exist / Improve broadband speed.