Walton has many footpaths, some leading up onto the hills to the south of the village; others go northerly out onto the levels. Please use them with care and respect… and remember that on some occasions they may lead out across or onto busy roads.

A guideline map is shown below this is only indicative and you are advised to use an ordnance survey map. There is a button to press on the ‘links’ page that will take you direct to the Somerset County Council Rights of Way information page which you may well find of interest now. The footpaths are shown in green. The footpaths routes are approximate and illustrative only and are drawn onto a map supplied by OPENDATA (Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2010) [user license is on the council information page.]

local footpath style and sign

Explore Somerset – (Public Footpaths and Rights of Way)

A new online mapping system to help people find their way around Somerset’s extensive rights

of way network has been launched by Somerset County Council.

How does it work?

Explore Somerset is now available at


and allows users to plan their route across all 9,000 public rights of way in Somerset.

The interactive system can also be used to simply report any issues you find on a right of way

– such as a broken stile or blocked path.

Residents can log the issue on the map and also upload photos to help wardens easily locate

the problem. They can also leave an email address to receive updates when the issue is

resolved or closed.

Explore Somerset is being improved and developed all the time, and one of the next phases is

to develop a volunteer module for the many individuals and groups who give up their time to help

the County Council look after the network

.local map of footpaths