Wellbeing at Walton Fair

Walton Primary School
Wednesday 21st September
2pm to 4pm
Please join us!!

Please join us to help us launch our Wellbeing at Walton project! All members of our community are welcome. Understanding and promoting mental and physical wellbeing has become more important over the past few years and at Walton Primary School we are exploring how we can help ourselves feel connected and healthy in lots of different ways. Using the Somerset Wellbeing Framework audit tools and ideas, we are focusing on the 3 Pillars of Wellbeing, Belonging, Relationships and Healthy Lifestyles, throughout the next academic year and beyond. To kick things off we are hosting a Wellbeing at Walton Fair on Wednesday 21st September between 2 and 4pm. Already confirmed are mental health support organisations for children and young people, local clubs showcasing the benefits of their favourite ways to exercise, the whole school choir have been learning uplifting songs to entertain us and the children are in the middle of planning all sorts of activies so that everyone can have a go at something fun and maybe find a new hobbie! If you belong to a local group that would like to attend the event please contact the school office@walton.school.sch.uk for the attention of Mrs Cooper.
We look forward to welcoming our community back to Walton Primary School and exploring the multitude of ways we can stay well.