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08 June 2020
June Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the June 12th parish council meeting can be seen below. This is a virtual meeting due to the COVID 19 government restrictions. For more information please contact the parish clerk : clerk@waltonpc.org

Monthly Meeting of Walton Parish Council  



Friday JUNE 12th 2020 at  7:00pm 

This will be a Virtual Meeting due to the COVID19 pandemic restrictions



  1.         Apologies
  2.         To confirm minutes of the previous meeting  15th May 2020
  3.         Councillors :
    1. Disclosure of any undeclared interests and notification of dispensations granted
    2. New Councillors - areas of interest/responsibility, training etc.
    3. Contact details
  4.        Chairman – looking forward      
  5.        Residents :
    1. Declarations of interests in speaking on agenda items
    2. Opportunity for Residents to raise issues/concerns not on this agenda
  6.         COVID19 Pandemic response update
  7.         To receive Reports

From District & County Councillors, and Parish Councillors on their area of responsibility not covered elsewhere on the agenda

  1.         Finances:         
    1. To receive and consider approval of the Monthly Financial Report
    2. To consider authorisation of the invoices for payment schedule
  2.         Roads, Traffic & Footpaths

To consider reports [faults, issues, action required, general information etc.]     & to agree any action required

  1.        Planning
    1. To receive any planning decisions reported
    2. Planning Applications received for consideration as at date of agenda
    3. To consider any General Planning concerns
  2.         New Hedgerow Care

        Watering and maintenance

  1.         Community Facebook Page

To consider ongoing use and administration        

  1.         Consultation    

        Walking & Cycling Manifesto – response deadline 12th June 2020

  1.         Office Equipment

           To consider purchase and siting of fireproof cabinet

  1.         Dates of upcoming meetings & events.

This is a virtual meeting due to the current COVID19 pandemic restrictions – if you have an item or issue that you want to raise or if you want to ‘attend’, please email

The Clerk [Helen Moore] clerk@waltonpc.org

Or the Chairman [John Harvey] chairman@waltonpc.org












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