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17 September 2018grant funding for local groups

Walton Parish council makes smalol grants to village groups each year...

If you run a group or organisation in or around Walton or of benefit to its residents then you can apply - All the information you need is on the council information page of this website or you can contact the parish clerk to have hard copies sent out to you [ 07399040667 - clerk@waltonpc.org ] or via the "contact us" page.


FOR INFORMATION the guidance for applications is shown below:

Walton Parish Council

Policy and Guidance for Awarding Grant Aid

to Local Organisations


  1. Aims and Objectives
  • Walton Parish Council precepts a sum of money every year for grants to organisations and activities that contribute constructively to, and enhance, the life and community of the village so as to benefit the people of Walton.These grants are limited and are made available to organisations that address a demonstrable need for assistance
  • The Council acknowledges some organisations, particularly new or smaller ones, may experience difficulty in completing the application process.All possible assistance will be given to such organisations.
  • Walton Parish Council will also:
  • Publicise Precept Grant availability widely throughout the village
  • Review the Policy and application process for Precept Grants annually


  1. Application process

To ensure fair and proper consideration is given to all requests the Council requires the following to be submitted:

  • A completed application form describing in detail what the Precept Grant

           will support and identifying how this will benefit the residents of  Walton

  • The most recent income and expenditure account or in the case of a new venture/initiative a fully costed current plan with financial information
  • Constitution or rules of the organisation
  • Details of any additional funding secured or applied for, as well as any fundraising carried out
  • A written undertaking that should the funds not be fully spent [on the project for which they were granted] in the financial year that they were given, then such unspent funds will be returned to the Parish Council.
  • Any additional information the organisation considers will support their application.


  1. Applications will only be considered if they comply with these conditions:

Organisation and Locality

  • Applications will only be accepted from charitable, voluntary and non-profit making organisations. Applications from commercial organisations will not generally be successful.National appeals are, with limited exceptions, outside the scope of the Council’s Grant scheme.
  • Organisations should be located within Walton Parish, or if outside the boundary, their work should be of proven benefit to the village and its residents.

Type of Financial Assistance

  • The Council may award a grant towards specific projects or purchases of equipment, and will only consider revenue [ongoing] costs if it can be demonstrated by evidence that funding from the Council will have a positive effect on the village and/or its residents.

Deadline for Applications

  • The deadline for the receipt of applications is set each year by the parish council
  • Applications will be discussed at a series of full parish council meetings as a matter of transparency and in order to facilitate input both from applicants and from any interested residents. The schedule of meetings is set each year by the parish council. Current year attached as appendix one
  • During the period between the Precept Grant application being submitted and any meetings at which it will be discussed, additional information or clarification may be requested by the Council.
  • Applicants will be advised whether their application has been successful as soon as practicable after the Parish Council meeting at which the final decision is made. Refer appendix one
  • Grants will generally be paid at the start of the financial year during April [dependent on the date of the April Parish Council meeting]
  1. General Conditions
  • Grants should be spent for the purpose and on the project/activity for which they were given and the Council will expect due recognition and advertisement of any Grant Aid awarded.
  • Grants will not normally be agreed for money already spent.
  • Organisations receiving a Precept Grant are required to provide the Council with a written report within six months of the receipt of grant. The report should detail how the funds were spent, or have been spent to date, and how residents of Walton are benefitting.The report may also be included in the Council’s newsletter, on the village website, or however the Council wishes to use it.
  • If a Grant, or part of a Grant, is not spent during the financial year that it is made then the Parish Council expects any such unspent grant monies to be returned to the Council to be used for the benefit of the residents of the Parish
  • Organisations receiving a Precept Grant may be invited to give a brief presentation to the Council or to residents of the village at the annual parish [village] meeting.
  • Organisations are not restricted to the number of grant applications they may submit to the Council.
  • The award of a Precept Grant in one year or period does not set a precedent for any subsequent applications.
  • If contractors are used for any work, the Council may require organisations to provide written estimates.

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