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Below are the current members of Walton Parish Council. Some of these councillors have been on the parish council for a number of years, EIGHT Councillors were elected at the uncontested 2015 parish election and are elected for a term of four years, one further councillor was co-opted for the same term to bring the parish council up to its full compliment of nine. Since then, Council has said farewell to Lesley Gagg, who resigned for family reasons, and John Haydon who stood down in October 2017. Therefore council, after advertising around the parish and in the newsletter, co-opted Elaine Nelson & Jenny Ponsillo.

Your local council is working forward into the New Year with a full complement of Nine councillors.

The parish council meets every month,  usually but not always on the second Friday of the month at 7 pm in the village hall lounge. These meetings are open to anyone to attend ~ everyone is welcome.

Walton Parish Council precepts a sum of money every year for grants to organisations and activities that contribute constructively to, and enhance, the life and community of the village so as to benefit the people of Walton.
These grants are limited and are made available to organisations that address a demonstrable need for assistance ~ more details about this process, and application forms, are available on the council information page.

Parish surgeries are also held at the village hall as required if you want to talk to one of your local councillors or raise any issues of concern or interest ~  you can make an individual appointment via the Parish Clerk.


Madam Chairman Naomi Johnson                       Vice Chairman Richard Crossman


                                                           Councillor Philip Daniells           


Councillor Clive Bishop    

Councillor Simon Loader


                                                                                  Councillor Bob Musgrave


Councillor Alan Marsh                                                Councillor Elaine Nelson   

Councillor Jenny Ponsillo    


The Parish Clerk is Helen Moore

who may be contacted on : 01458 833 483 or 07399040667  or written to at 21 Bere Lane Glastonbury BA6 8BD   

email : clerk@waltonpc.org

or contacted direct from the web site contact page.




Chairman | Naomi Johnson
Naomi Johnson

Co-opted at the May 2015 parish council meeting, Naomi Johnson is a member of the Neighbourhood Planning Group, Budget Group and Pension group.
Vice Chair | Richard Crossman
Richard Crossman
Address: Asney Farm Asney Road Walton BA16 9RL

Cllr. Crossman is the parish council representative to both the School Board of governors and the Walton Trust. He is also a member of the neighbourhood plan steering group. pensions group and budget group

Elected for a further four years at the 2015 e
Councillor | Alan Marsh
Alan Marsh Tel: 01458 443123
Address: Manor Farm Veal Lane Walton BA16 9RE

Cllr. Marsh

Elected for a further four years at the 2015 election
Vice Chair | Bob Musgrave
Bob Musgrave
Address: 18 Mildred Road Walton BA16 9QR

Cllr. Musgrave is the parish councils footpaths representative and the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for Walton. He is also a parish council representative to the village allotment group and responsible for the Wild Flower displays.

Elected for a fu
Councillor | Clive Bishop
Address: 2 Merrick Road Glastonbury BA6 9AT

elected 2015 for a further 4 year term.
Councillor | Mr. Philip Daniells
Philip  Daniells Tel: 01458 445130
Address: 28 Chancellors Road Walton BA16 7RX

councillor Daniells is a parish council representative to the village allotment society and a member of the entertainments committee.

Elected for a further four years at the 2015 election
Councillor | Simon Loader
Simon Loader

Newly Elected at the 2015 election Mr. Loader will be due to take his seat at the May 15th parish council meeting.
Simon Loader is a council representative on the Walton Allotment Society Committee and has responsibility for the parish footpaths.
Councillor | Elaine Nelson
Address: 11 Meadow Lane Walton Somerset BA16 9LA

Co-opted to the council in September 2017 Councillor Nelson

Elaine has recently taken over as the Councillor with responsibility for the Meadow Lane play area
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